This new residence in Menlo Park, CA, exhibits many aspects of responsible green design. The use of south-facing windows, photovoltaic panels, radiant-heated concrete slabs and massive thermal walls allow this passive solar home to be a great environment for human comfort. The exterior design of simple low-sloped roofs allows the house to be nested into the low-lying neighborhood, while the interior gracefully opens to high-curved ceilings. The natural clay walls are from American Clay. They have natural pigments and recycled, reclaimed aggregates. They are so non-caustic you can even finger paint with them!

The bamboo/paperstone cabinetry and recycled glass add surprises of unusual texture and color. The use of environmentally conscious materials throughout the house helps to emphasize its warmth and beauty. This house is protected by the beautifully crafted dragons at the gate and the weathervane on the roof by Paul Riley. Drew Maran Construction was the contractor. Our clients, Jackie and Scott Wood, were a joy to work with. Jackie did the wonderful cartoons you will find in our “process” section of the website. They give a great feel for how a client views the process.