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Agateware Vase

An extruded combination of 3 different stoneware clays, ash-fired to Cone 10. Dishwasher & food safe.

size: 5.5″W x 3″D x5”H

Celadon World

The globe is hand carved inside a porcelain celadon bowl. Everyone needs an inner world. It keeps us sane.  Find your inner world.  Put cherries in this one.  Dishwasher safe.  10.5″ d. x 3.25″ H

Checkered World

The world is checkered.  So is the kitchen tablecloth.  porcelain, dishwasher and food safe.  9 5/8″ dia. x 2 5/8″h

Fish Plate

white & blue, hand built porcelain platter with blue fish, tree, and bird.

dishwasher & food safe

size: 11”x8″ x.5″

Flower Brick

vessel for flowers or dried herbs.  Stoneware ash-fired to Cone 10.

dishwasher safe.

Fun While Camping Tea Set

This tea set was made while camping using natural textures.  Surprisingly, it pours perfectly and is very functional!  Made of porcelain and fired to Cone 10.

Size: Teapot: 4.25″ x 7.5″ tall x 9″, cups: 2′ d. x 1.5″ h., 2″x2″, 2.25″ x 2.5”

weight: teapot: 2 lb. 10 oz. Cups (together) 9.5 oz.

Lizard Cookie Jar

The lizards sun themselves in the yard and on the jar.  Protect your cookies with the lizard patrol.  Waxy white outside blue celadon inside

Food & Dishwasher Safe.  Thrown and Altered Porcelain.

size: 6.25D x 8.25H  weight: 4lb 10 oz.

Man and Beast Bookends

Hold up the books with the worlds of Man & Beast.  Stoneware, dishwasher and food safe.  

Man’s World: 8.25″ x 8.5″  Beast’s World: 7.5″ x 9.5″

Mother Earth Cloche

Size: 10.25” diameter x 7.75” high.  

weight: 5 its. 7.4 oz.

Porcelain thrown, carved, altered

A tableware Mother Earth protecting your cheese. See the world as a covered platter with delights to uncover.  The cheese is kept cool on Antarctica.  Decorative arts as whimsical sculpture.

Dishwasher and food safe

North America Reflects

North America as though seen at the edge of the water in a leaf boat.  Stoneware, 11.25″ x 6.24″ x 1.5″.

Dishwasher & Food safe.

Polar Bear Cookie Jar

A cookie jar for polar bears.  The globe opens at the Arctic.  Carved Porcelain, dishwasher safe. 8″ diameter x 8.5″ high.

Spor Vase

Thrown Porcelain, Sturdy, can handle big flowers. dishwasher & food safe. 

Size: 4″D x7”H

4 lb. 7 oz.

Stacking Cups

Each Cup size: 3.5” diameter x 4.5” high, 4.75” wide with handle (varies slightly)

Receiver (Bottom) cup Size: 3.5” diameter x 2.5” high

$80 set of four handled cups with receiver cup

Porcelain thrown 

Stacking cups for the little kitchen.

weight: cups: 14 oz. receiver cup:7 oz.

Toad Hill Cookie Jar

A cookie jar is an excellent place to survey your pastures, if you are the king of toads.  This is an excellent example of the artist’s use of porcelain to whimsically capture life around the studio on everyday objects.   The finial of this jar is a toad.  Below it, horses gallop around the diameter.

4.25″ Diameter x 9″high. 2lbs.3oz. food & dishwasher safe

Tuxedo Vase

Hand made double walled vase.  Inner wall holds flowers.  The outer wall is a formal white tie tuxedo on one side and a basic black dress with white bows on the other.  You can, however, use this vase for less formal occasions.  

3.5″x 4″x 6 5/8″ tall, High fire porcelain

Sycamore Big Jar

Sycamore Leaf Design. Porcelain. Food & Dishwasher safe.

3.5″x 4″x 6 5/8″ tall, High fire porcelain

Sycamore Leaf Small Plates

6”-7” Diameter

Approx 7 oz.

Leaf Design. Porcelain. Food & Dishwasher safe.  

Sycamore Leaf Cappuccino Cups

5.5” Diameter x 2” High (white outside) & 5” D X 2” H (stripes of color outside)

8.5 oz. & 7.2 oz

Leaf Design inside.  Porcelain. Food & Dishwasher safe.  

Sycamore Leaf Serving Bowl

11”Diameter x 4.5” High

3 lbs. .5oz.

Leaf Design inside.  Shino Glaze outside. Dishwasher safe.  

(This bowl is discounted because the leaf design is slightly obscured by the thickness of glaze at bottom of the inside.  Otherwise a beautiful bowl)

Sycamore Leaf Trivet

8” x 8”

Approx 11 oz.

Leaf Design. Porcelain. Food & Dishwasher safe.